Lincoln Chafee: “I Do” Think Biden Will Run

Posted: Jul 25, 2015 8:56 AM
Lincoln Chafee: “I Do” Think Biden Will Run

Let’s hope so. That would certainly make things much more interesting. First, President Obama would have to agonize over whom to endorse. Should he bestow the power of his name and office on his former Secretary of State? Or should he endorse his famously gaffe-prone, good-natured vice president? Hmmmm. Let's hope he chooses the latter. Second, Biden’s entrance into the race would almost certainly complicate things for Team Hillary. Currently, although slumping in the polls, there doesn’t appear to be any real competition in the Democratic field — Sen. Bernie Sanders’ huge crowds notwithstanding. Biden therefore could shift the contours of the race — if only ever so slightly — thus forcing Team Hillary to exhaust precious resources (read: spend cash) during the primary. This in turn would discernibly help Republicans. Third, Biden isn’t the Jim Gilmore of the Democratic Party — i.e., a relatively unknown, long-out-of-politics, run-of-the-mill politician; he’s the incumbent vice-president of the United States for heaven's sake. People know who he is. Thus wouldn’t this fact alone automatically send shivers through Camp Hillary?

As for Chafee, Biden entering the race would all but seal his fate – if it wasn’t sealed already. And of course, annoy the hell out of Team Clinton.

Let's hope it happens.