Video: 'Daily Show' Roasts Sen. Landrieu Over Keystone Gambit

Posted: Nov 23, 2014 11:00 AM

Not even the crew over at The Daily Show could overlook Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) obviously desperate and sad attempt to save her own Senate seat.

During a hilarious segment three nights ago, host Jon Stewart skewered the soon-to-be “ex-Senator” for putting all her metaphorical eggs into the Keystone basket—and failing spectacularly.

He equated her chances of winning the December 6 run-off to that of a skier outrunning an avalanche. Down by double digits, he suggested, her Senate career is over.

He also delicately reminded Democrats that they were whipped in the midterm elections, among other reasons, for not “[standing] for anything.” Why, then, did some Senate Democrats stop fighting a bill to save a Senate seat that was all but lost, and of little consequence?

“Oh, I got an idea," he teased. “What if we stood for less?”

In fairness, he mocked both opponents and supporters of the Keystone bill, mostly for reaching wildly different conclusions about how many permanent jobs it would create. For example, if one listened to the Senate floor discussions, estimates varied between 35 (that’s not a typo) and millions. With this kind of conflicting misinformation thrown around by members of Congress, is it any wonder the entire spectacle devolved into a farce?

Most significantly, however, he derided Sen. Landrieu for her desperation and off-the-mark “Hail Mary” pass.

“It’s just like my dad always said,” Stewart said at the end of the clip. “You’re just not good enough.”