Senate Democrat: Yes, I Expect Obama to Stay in Washington Down the Stretch...

Posted: Oct 10, 2014 12:15 PM

As Guy explained yesterday, two separate polls show Scott Brown within striking distance of winning the US Senate contest in New Hampshire. And while the Cook Political Report still maintains the race is “Lean D,” Brown’s massive third quarter fundraising haul could change things on the ground. Meanwhile, his opponent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is running “insensitive and inaccurate” campaign ads (in Scott Brown’s estimation), and struggling to fend off charges that she’s an Obama rubber stamp -- which, of course, she is.

Nevertheless, Sen. Shaheen recently appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports to say she was “delighted” Bill and Hillary Clinton would be coming to New Hampshire to campaign for her. Curiously, however, she was remarkably unenthusiastic and distant when asked if she wanted the president to come as well:

“I expect him to be in Washington.”

Stay home, in other words, is what she really meant to say. After all, one component of the GOP electoral playbook this election cycle is tying Senate Democrats to the unpopular president and his policies. Hence why precious few vulnerable Democratic incumbents are voluntarily calling the White House asking him to come visit them. To do so would be political suicide in some cases, especially in deeply red and purplish states like New Hampshire.

I’ll leave you with this quote (from a prominent New Hampshire journalist), which Guy flagged at Hot Air some months ago: “In 2002 Shaheen was leading her Republican opponent going into the last week and then lost. In 2008, the race broke Shaheen’s way in the last month.”

Twenty-four more days to go, my friends. This race is only just getting started.