Well Done, The Economist

Posted: Sep 28, 2014 6:00 PM
Well Done, The Economist

Our “anti-war,” kill-list wielding, Nobel Peace Prize winning president (who won the White House twice, in part, by pledging to end “Bush’s wars”) has dropped bombs in numerous countries since taking the presidential oath of office. He finds himself, therefore, increasingly preoccupied with foreign conflicts.

With that in mind, in a brilliant new cover photo, The Economist perfectly captured this evolution. Rather than ending wars, one might say, Obama has engaged in them -- and indeed, started new ones. In many ways, his presidency can and will be defined by the wars he prosecuted, something many on the Left are all too comfortable with.

Photos like these, however, remind us that Candidate Obama and President Obama are two vastly different people -- and that for all the anti-war rhetoric the Left has listened to and swallowed, this is essentially who the president has become: