The 'Iron Lady' Died One Year Ago Today

Posted: Apr 08, 2014 11:15 AM

Few politicians are remembered more fondly by American conservatives today than the late Margaret Thatcher, who died one year ago, at the age of 87:

The grocer’s daughter from Grantham went on to serve as Great Britain’s first female prime minister for 11 and a half years, the 7th longest-serving prime minister in British political history. During her premiership, she oversaw the revival of the British economy, the end of the Cold War, and the reforging of the “Special Relationship” between Great Britain and the United States. Her quick wit and prowess in the political arena are the stuff of legend.

There is much to admire about Lady Thatcher. Her tenacity, her eloquence, and her courage under fire are only some of her more memorable qualities. But based on my own understanding of her life it was her convictions above all else -- and her refusal to jettison them -- that made her great. I believe she was successful because she stood on principle. How many U.S. politicians can say they do the same?

I’ll leave you with two items: (1) her top 25 greatest quotes of all time, and (2) her famous 1976 “Britain Awake” speech at Kensington Town Hall. Read it all.