Tyranny: Kim Jong Un Orders All Men to Wear His Haircut

Posted: Mar 26, 2014 1:30 PM

Usually dictators don’t go as far as to make their male subjects look like them. Or do they? And may I ask a simple question: what if you’re bald? What then? Are you forced to wear a creepy Kim Jong Un-esque toupée or something? Because that would be disturbing:

North Korea has issued guidelines requiring all men to wear their hair just like their supreme leader Kim Jong-un, a South Korean news outlet has reported.

The state-ordered “fashion guidelines” were introduced in the capital Pyongyang about two weeks ago and are now being rolled out across the country, the Korea Times reported.

For what it’s worth, supposedly women have more options than men in how they style their hair. It seems North Korea's crackpot dictator has apparently been, er, very generous with them:

In a country where almost nothing seems normal, state-sanctioned haircuts aren’t that unusual either when the primary goal is to stomp out Western influence.

Last year, North Korean women were told to do their part in representing the state by choosing from one of eighteen hairdos the Kim regime had officially sanctioned. Men only had ten hairstyles to choose from at the time.

And now they only have one. Perhaps women, too, will find themselves in a similar situation. Or worse, forced to style their hair like men...

On a more serious note, the poor souls living in North Korea know nothing but hardship and oppression. The Kim regime has brainwashed them so mercilessly and with such ruthlessness that even individual identities and appearances are stomped out and suppressed. One’s fealty to the Supreme Leader, then, is not demonstrated only through praise and prostration; it’s now determined by a haircut. And that's just plain sick.

To my knowledge, even Kim Jong-il -- a tyrant and mass murderer in his own right -- didn’t go as far as to make North Koreans emulate his look. What an evil and twisted person his son is.

What an evil place.