Scott Brown: No, I'm Not Running For Governor

Daniel Doherty
Posted: Aug 22, 2013 9:35 AM
Scott Brown: No, I'm Not Running For Governor

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown promised the public he would let them know whether or not he was running for governor before Labor Day. So I guess I'll say this much: he’s a man of his word (via his Facebook page):

Running for office takes a lot of thought, analysis, money, and sometimes personal sacrifice. I have been honored to serve the people of the Commonwealth and this great country in many capacities for almost 20 years.

My family and I have been deeply moved and honored by your support, encouragement and well wishes.

I indicated many times that I would make an announcement on or before Labor Day.

Tonight I announced that I will not be running for Governor of MA in 2014.

As I said, I am grateful for your encouragement and support.
For the first time in 15 plus years, I have had a Summer to spend with my family. In addition, I have been fortunate to have private sector opportunities that I find fulfilling and exhilarating. These new opportunities have allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I want to continue with that process.

Thank you for your patience and support.

So is he done with politics for good? By his own admission, he passed on the governor’s race in 2014 because he’s enjoying spending time with his family and isn’t ready to dive back into electoral politics -- not to mention he is obviously relishing the boundless “opportunities” now open to him in the private sector as a former U.S. Senator. Remember, though, during his concession speech in 2012 he said “defeat is only temporary.” Those aren’t the words of a man who’s completely finished with politics, right? There’s at least one other race he could still jump into, but it seems unlikely he would after basically telling the public last night he wants to polish his resume and spend time with his wife and kids -- only to later announce his candidacy for a different race (in a different state) . He’s also spent time in Iowa recently and is “curious” about a presidential run in 2016. So perhaps he’s gearing up to be the RINO alternative in four years?

One can dream.