Here's How Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Plans to Boot Kathy Tran From Office

Posted: Feb 01, 2019 11:15 AM
Here's How Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Plans to Boot Kathy Tran From Office

Source: AP Photo/Steve Helber

The furor over Virginia House of Delegates member Kathy Tran's radical abortion bill, which she introduced earlier this week, is not abating anytime soon. Shockingly, her bill would allow women to get abortions up until moments before birth, even when they are in labor. Tran has awakened the pro-life movement, which was already encouraged by the recent March for Life in the nation's capital.

Rand Paul's chief strategist Doug Stafford is so disgusted by Tran's legislation that he made an incredible offer on his Twitter page this week. If anyone wants to run against the Democrat in the next election, he'll run their campaign free of charge.

He had a few takers, while others even offered to chip in.

When a local radio station asked Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to weigh in on the controversy, he defended Tran's bill and proceeded to make pro-lifers even angrier by suggesting that he's okay with leaving infants to die after surviving abortions, if that's what the mother and doctor want.

The pro-life community is eager to hear what other Democrats have to say about Tran's legislation and Northam's rhetoric. But, most of them are giving non-answers or claiming to not have heard what the governor said.

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In related news, the Virginia March for Life was recently scheduled for April 3.