Democrat Calls Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress a 'Child'

Posted: Oct 05, 2017 12:15 PM
Democrat Calls Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress a 'Child'

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in November 2014. She has made her mark in Washington, working to protect student aid, ease burdens on military families, and prioritize funding for community health centers, among other worthwhile initiatives.

Her efforts are apparently not enough to protect her from what some are deeming sexist remarks and cracks about her youth.

Steve Krieg is a member of the Plattsburgh City School Board who is running for Stefanik's seat in next year's election. At a candidate forum Wednesday night, Krieg suggested that Stefanik is not quite mature enough for the duties of the office. It somehow has nothing to do with her age.

"I think most of us if we admit it have some of sexist in us, racist within us. It's something that if we're decent people, we recognize in ourselves and we struggle with it all of our lives. But Elise [Stefanik], I recognize her, I'm not going to say as a little girl, I recognize her as a child. And it has nothing to do with her age. I see her as a child because she's a child. She thinks like a child. She has people set things up for her, she has people put their words in her mouth and she happily repeats them. And I think recognizing her, I would go after her in that way. And I apologize if that's mean but that's how I would do it."

America Rising Pac's Scott Sloofman demanded some apologies and public rebukes.

“The only thing Steve Krieg should be doing right now is apologizing," Sloofman said. "And Nancy Pelosi needs to make it immediately clear that Steve Krieg has no place in the Democratic Party. That’s the only acceptable response to this shocking display of sexism.”