Trump Renews 'Fake News' Insult When Acosta Presses About Charlottesville

Posted: Aug 14, 2017 4:00 PM
Trump Renews 'Fake News' Insult When Acosta Presses About Charlottesville

CNN's Jim Acosta was not satisfied with President Trump's response to this weekend's carnage in Charlottesville, VA. The president was criticized for not clearly denouncing the white supremacist, neo-Nazi groups responsible for much of the violence. The racist protesters were demonstrating against the city's decision to dismantle a confederate statue. Counter protesters showed up too, and before long three people were dead - one 32-year-old woman and two police officers. 

On Monday, Trump cleared the air by offering the following statement, making sure to name names.

Trump spoke before the press again Monday afternoon to address China's intellectual property laws. As he was leaving, Acosta shouted a question at Trump about Charlottesville, wondering when he was going to hold a press conference on the tragedy. Trump reminded Acosta he just did hold a press conference, but the reporter noted he and his fellow journalists would appreciate the opportunity to ask a few more questions.

That's when the president renewed his favorite insult.

Other outlets accused Trump of issuing this stronger statement against the hate groups that marched through Charlottesville only after being pressured by the media.

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Trump's comments were "grudging" and "bare minimum," and Trump gave "no indication he was feeling the words he was reading," CNBC's John Harwood wrote on Twitter.

Update: Jim Acosta says two can play at that game.