Trump Puts Question Mark on Paul Ryan's Future

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 10:30 AM
Trump Puts Question Mark on Paul Ryan's Future
Donald Trump has made it clear there's no love lost between him and House Speaker Paul Ryan after the latter announced he'd no longer be campaigning on the GOP nominee's behalf. Ryan made the decision after The Washington Post released the audio of hot mic comments Trump made 11 years ago about his failed sexual conquests. After listening to that recording, Ryan told his colleagues he would no longer defend Trump. The nominee could care less, he said on Fox News Tuesday night.

“He had a conference call yesterday with congressmen with hundreds of them and they practically rioted against him on the phone. One person stuck up for him. So I’m just tired of nonsupport and I don’t really want his support.”

Trump then predicted Ryan's refusal to support his campaign will backfire and threaten his own job.

When asked if he thinks establishment Republicans, including Ryan, will support him as president if he’s elected, Trump said yes while speculating about the speaker's future.

“They’ll be there. I would think that Ryan maybe wouldn’t be there, maybe he’ll be in a different position."

Several other high profile Republicans have hopped off the Trump train in the wake of the Trump Tapes scandal. You can see the full list here.

If Trump wins in November and Ryan keeps his job, things are going to get pretty awkward on Capitol Hill.