Trump Campaign Confident They Can Win Without Pennsylvania

Cortney O'Brien
Posted: Sep 05, 2016 9:45 AM
Trump Campaign Confident They Can Win Without Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is a swing state that is often considered crucial in presidential elections. Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway, however, is confident her candidate can win without it. She told ABC's Martha Raddatz as much on Sunday, while noting they're not completely neglecting the Keystone State.

Conway responded, "We can, but we're taking Pennsylvania very seriously. We know the last six presidential elections it has gone Democratic. ... But we also know Mr. Trump's message from the beginning has been particularly resonant among a lot of ... the workers who feel like they've been left behind in this economy."

Meanwhile, judging by the allocating of the Clinton campaign's resources, they consider Pennsylvania a very high priority. The Democrats have spent over $20 million on ads in the state, with over 30 offices operating on their behalf.

Trump is currently behind in Pennsylvania by 7 points. (Of course, these polls were conducted before the latest FBI revelations into Hillary Clinton's email scandal, which unveiled incompetence after incompetence.) 

Nevertheless, when asked by Raddatz again if Trump could win the general without the Keystone State, Conway said "absolutely."