Cheney: The Iran Deal is Not an Act of Peace – It’s “Madness”

Posted: Sep 08, 2015 10:15 AM
Cheney: The Iran Deal is Not an Act of Peace – It’s “Madness”

In case former Vice President Dick Cheney hasn't made his displeasure for the Iran Deal clear enough already, he certainly shattered any doubts this morning at the American Enterprise Institute.

Any legislator who supports this "shameful deal" should not be serving, Cheney said Tuesday morning at the conservative think tank. When President Obama allowed Iran to pursue uranium enrichment and let up on sanctions, he lifted the pressure from their adversary and negotiated from a posture of weakness, Cheney explained. 

“He lost the possibility of allowing a good deal,” he said. “The Iranians knew they had won.”

The agreement, Cheney added, only strengthens our enemies:

“Arming and funding Iran is not an act of peace,” he remarked. “It is madness.”

Yet, the former vice president said a good deal is still possible. The administration must draft a new agreement that forces Iran to halt its uranium enrichment program and its ballistic missile activities.

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“There should be no sanctions relief until Iran has fulfilled these obligations.”

Should Iran fail to comply, Cheney said they should expect a swift response.

“The U.S. stands ready to take military action to ensure they do not obtain a nuclear weapon.”