Planned Parenthood Asks Which GOP Candidate Poses Biggest Threat to Women, Includes Female Carly Fiorina

Posted: May 19, 2015 11:00 AM

How can one organization be so blind? Better yet, how can we give millions of taxpayer dollars to it every year? In perhaps their most stunningly stupid campaign yet, Planned Parenthood just asked its supporters to vote for who poses the ‘Worst Threat to Women’ in the 2016 presidential campaign. Of course, the poll includes only GOP candidates, yet what may be a bit surprising is the fact they included Carly Fiorina on the list. Fiorina, in case you didn’t notice, is female.

Fiorina is a successful business woman who earned her way to the top at Hewlett-Packard, becoming the first female to be named CEO of one of the top 20 companies in the US. In other words, she is someone who does not shy away from power – you’d think women’s rights organizations would want to place her on a pedestal.

I had the chance to interview Fiorina for a piece my former colleague Sarah and I composed on the meaning of feminism. Here was her definition:

“I think the real definition of feminism is that a woman, any woman, can live the life she chooses and believe the things that she wants,” Fiorina said. “So, if a woman chooses to stay home and home school her children, she’s every bit as much a feminist, as a woman who decides to go off and be a CEO – as long as it’s her choice.”

Does she sound like a ‘threat’ to you?

Oh wait, she’s pro-life. No wonder our country's biggest abortion giant views her as an enemy. Heaven forbid she champion the rights of unborn children.

If any woman was going to be placed on a 'biggest threat' list in next year's presidential campaign, perhaps it would be Hillary Clinton. Not only is she an extreme pro-abortion supporter, reports have revealed that women were paid only 72 cents to every dollar men made when she worked in the US Senate - and let's not forget The Hillary Tapes.

It goes without saying, however, that it is asinine to include a woman on a list about who is the biggest danger to women. Actually, the poll in general is asinine.

As to who poses an actual threat to women, perhaps Planned Parenthood should look in the mirror.