Classy: Hecklers Mock Sarah Palin's Looks at SNL Anniversary Event

Posted: Feb 17, 2015 2:30 PM

NBC celebrated the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Live" on Sunday night with just about everyone in Hollywood. The most surprising special guest, however, had to be former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Seated next to Taylor Swift, the former Republican vice presidential nominee had her chance to shine during the latter half of the show, when Jerry Seinfeld came on stage to take questions from the audience. After calling on celebrities like Michael Douglas, John Goodman and "Seinfeld" creator Larry David, Seinfeld picked Palin out from the crowd. Palin asked Seinfeld how much money SNL creator Lorne Michaels would give her to run for president next year, with a certain vice presidential choice:

Palin's appearance was pretty classy considering how Tina Fey and company mercilessly mocked her during the 2008 election. Sunday night's joke was pretty harmless overall. The following clip, however, is not so funny. TMZ captured Palin on her way to the SNL After Party, where she was heckled by a few people who decided to get her attention by criticizing her appearance, shouting things like, "Put on a scarf!" and claiming she looked like "crap":

The best part about the clip? Palin's bold reaction to her classless critics. Refusing to be treated like an object, Palin responded to her hecklers by shouting things like, "When you get a job, come talk to me!" and, "Are you in show business? Then don't be jealous!"

Thankfully, these immature passersby were the minority in the crowd. Most were vying for pictures with Palin and complimenting her.

For what it's worth, that white number Palin had on actually came from her daughter Bristol's closet. She can pull off looking stunning in her daughter's clothing? Now that's impressive! Yet, it apparently wasn't enough to silence her always venomous haters. 

Liberals seem foolishly determined to resurrect the "war on women" in 2016. If they really cared about respecting women, these activists would start by demanding Palin get an apology from how she was treated outside of the SNL set. Based on how media outlets like CNN treated her daughter when she was physically assaulted last year, I wouldn't hold your breath.