RNC Chief: Has the Obama Admin Stopped Trying?

Posted: Feb 11, 2015 10:00 AM
RNC Chief: Has the Obama Admin Stopped Trying?

How else can we explain the barrage of stupid comments coming from the White House lately?

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee was grasping for explanations when he spoke to radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday about the Obama administration’s insensitive comments regarding terrorism overseas. 

It started at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, when the president compared Islamic extremism to the Christian Crusades, which ended in the 13th century. Then, in an interview with Vox, he refused to acknowledge that the attack on a kosher deli in Paris was an act of anti-Semitism, even referring to it as a ‘random’ incident. His cabinet followed suit, with State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki declining to comment on whether the Paris attack was anti-Semitic and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest shockingly suggesting that climate change was more of a threat than terrorism. The RNC’s Priebus tried to make sense of the madness:

I don’t know. I mean, I think that either the President and his people have decided to quit trying, or they’re so caught up in what’s politically correct, they can’t acknowledge what most people take judicial notice of.

And when the killer himself said I have sixteen hostages, and have killed four, and I targeted them because they were Jewish, that’s not something that anyone is quarreling with. It’s something that everyone has acknowledged is the truth, and yet the press secretary for the president of the United States couldn’t seem to make that admission. It’s just weird.

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John Stossel

One dumb statement can be forgiven, perhaps even two. But when the president and his staff continue to give us these ignorant talking points, one starts to think they actually believe what they’re saying.

Make no mistake: These acts of terror were not ‘random.’ They were planned and executed acts of hate. The White House needs to stop diminishing the threat and must acknowledge our enemies. Only then can we determine how to defeat them.

You can listen to Hewitt's full interview with the RNC chief here.