MSNBC Host Wanted Beyoncé To Promote Abortion at the VMAs

Posted: Sep 06, 2014 12:00 PM

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry apparently thinks MTV’s Video Music Awards would have been an ideal platform to promote abortion. 

At last month’s show, Beyoncé raised some eyebrows after performing in front of a large screen that read, “Feminist.” While Harris-Perry appreciated Beyoncé’s political statement, she suggested the singer could have made the night even more interesting.

"So I have been having these imaginings," Harris-Perry said, "Where, instead of behind her are these enormous letters that say ‘feminist,’ that she’d come out and it had said, ‘Hands up, don't shoot,' or it had said ‘birth control,' I mean – ‘abortion’ behind Beyonce.”

Harris-Perry’s comments were greeted with “Yeses” and “Mmhms” from the rest of the panel.

I’ve been having some imaginings as well. Imaginings that MSNBC would reconsider its TV lineup.

I personally didn’t get Beyoncé’s "statement." It all seemed pretty random. I mean, what room does politics have at a video music awards show?

MTV reaches 387 million households worldwide and its key demographics are young adults aged 12-34. The last thing these viewers need to see is one of their musical idols promoting abortion.

Harris-Perry has made headlines in the past for wearing tampon earrings and mocking former Governor Mitt Romney and his family for adopting a black grandson. Thankfully, in other words, I’m sure she’s the last person Beyoncé would go to for advice.