Ernst Blows Out Braley in 3rd Quarter Fundraising

Conn Carroll
Posted: Oct 01, 2014 12:45 PM
Ernst Blows Out Braley in 3rd Quarter Fundraising

Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst's recent surge in polls against Democratic rival Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) has been matched by a surge in fundraising, the Des Moines Register reports. 

Ernst raised $4.5 million over the last three months her campaign told the paper, more than doubling the $1.78 million she raised over the previous three month period.

Braley also upped his fundraising totals from $1.7 million in the last quarter to $2.8 million this quarter. But Ernst's big take couldn't come at a worse time for Braley who has seen a narrow lead evaporate into a six-point Ernst advantage

Across the country, Democrats looking to survive the 2014 anti-President Obama tide have been saved by substantial financial advantagesDemocrats that are outspending their Republican opponents are doing better than those who are even, or are being outspent themselves

Unless outside groups pony up to vastly outspend Ernst in the final weeks, Braley will likely find himself behind come November 4th.