Jill Stein Delays A Rally After Flying To The Wrong City

Christine Rousselle
Posted: Sep 02, 2016 4:30 PM
Jill Stein Delays A Rally After Flying To The Wrong City

Green Party candidate Jill Stein was forced to delay a rally on Friday after she accidentally flew to the wrong city. Stein accidentally flew to Cincinnati, instead of Columbus, where she was scheduled to give a speech at Capital University.

Stein then drove the distance between the two cities, delaying the rally by about two hours.

From The Hill:

The presidential long shot accidentally flew to Cincinnati instead of Columbus, where she had been scheduled to speak at Capital University. The school's branch of the Green Partyconfirmed the mixup to The Columbus Dispatch

The school group told the paper she'd be about two hours late — the drive between the two cities is just under two hours.

Stein sits far below the 15 percent polling threshold to make it to the general election debatestage later this month. She hasn't hit higher than 6 percent in a major national poll since June.

Stein recently released a press release memorializing Harambe the gorilla on the three-month anniversary of his death, and then got quite angry at the media for covering the fact that she released a press release on Harambe the gorilla. (In at least one poll, the deceased primate is actually polling ahead of Stein.)

The Green Party ticket is currently polling at about three percent.