Whoops: Ivanka and Eric Trump Can't Vote For Their Dad

Posted: Apr 10, 2016 7:15 PM
Whoops: Ivanka and Eric Trump Can't Vote For Their Dad

New Yorkers head to the polls on April 19 to vote in their primary election. Two pretty high-profile Donald Trump surrogates, however, will be shut out of the polls: Ivanka and Eric Trump.

New York, as it turns out, has a "closed" primary--and neither Ivanka or Eric are registered Republicans.

Donald Trump’s three oldest children have campaigned with their father and served as surrogates during the presidential race. But only one of them is actually a member of the party Trump hopes to lead.

Records from the New York State Board of Elections show that neither Ivanka Trump nor Eric Trump is enrolled in a political party. Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is a Republican.

In what is certainly an unusual election law, New York voters had to register with a political party by October 9 in order to vote in the 2016 primary. New York is unique in this extremely early requirement. First-time voters had until March 25 to affiliate with a political party to be eligible for the primary. Ivanka and Eric are not affiliated with any political party. (Donald Jr. is a registered Republican, and no voter information exists for Tiffany Trump. The youngest Trump child, Barron, is 10-years-old and ineligible to vote.)

This is a pretty head-scratching slip-up--one would think that someone would have made sure that everyone associated with the Trump campaign would at least be eligible to vote for him in the primary election.