Hillary Addresses "Organizing Meeting" in Alexandria

Posted: Oct 23, 2015 7:24 PM
Hillary Addresses "Organizing Meeting" in Alexandria

Fresh off of an 11-hour testimony at the Benghazi Committee, Hillary Clinton addressed supporters today at a grassroots meeting in Alexandria, VA. Clinton was joined by VA Governor, Terry McAuliffe (D).

Appearing nearly an hour behind schedule (causing some supporters to depart the rally before she even appeared), Clinton's speech was her fairly typical campaign fodder--with an extra emphasis on praising McAuliffe for his gun control measures throughout the state. Gun control was a major theme of Clinton's speech, and she also called on gun owners to form an alternate group to the NRA. Clinton was not shy about her disgust for the gun rights group, much to the delight of the crowd.

Apart from that, and the initial burst of excitement when Clinton and McAuliffe first appeared at the rally, it was an overall "meh" time. I found it interesting that Clinton wasn't shying away from taking swipes at her fellow Democrat candidates--for instance, she said she wasn't going to talk about how awful the country was (likely aimed at Bernie Sanders), and how she truly believes the nation's problems can be overcome. Her only major swipe at the Republican field came during a brief mention of the need for immigration reform.

Despite a plea from local Tea Party organizations to make signs and protest the event, I only saw three people there protesting.