Websites Protest for Net Neutrality with "Internet Slowdown Day"

Posted: Sep 10, 2014 5:15 PM

The popular websites Reddit, Netflix, Tumblr, and Etsy (among many others) took a stand for Net Neutrality today and changed all or part of their websites to the "spinning wheel of death" to symbolize what life could be like if access to the internet was regulated so some pages loaded faster than others. The movement has been dubbed "Internet Slowdown Day," and while pages aren't actually loading slower than normal, the members of "Team Internet" insist this may be the case if "Team Cable" is successfully able to charge websites with higher traffic more money to load their pages.

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The dashboard of Tumblr shows the loading wheel instead of its usual icons.

The battle for "open internet" began after the FCC proposed rules that would allow internet providers to charge larger sites (Amazon, Netflix, etc.) for access to customers. Understandably, larger websites were not happy with the idea of a "fast lane" and "slow lane" for the internet.

Reddit also posted a blog urging users to contact their congressman to urge them to fight for net neutrality.

The time for defending the open internet and net neutrality is now.

We are joined by a large number companies to figuratively "slow down the Internet" to make clear that an open & neutral Internet is the only way to go. reddit itself has been working and engaging with congressional representatives and FCC official to tell them to support net neutrality.

Right now, people have sent over 1 million comments to the FCC. Congress and officials at the FCC have taken note and are now listening.

Now is the time to contact your congressional representative and tell them to support an open and neutral internet now. Be sure to call them and then tweet them publicly to make sure your voice is counted. If you are an international redditor, you can join the action as well.

The public comment period on "net neutrality" ends on September 15.