Sanford's Uphill Climb

Posted: Mar 27, 2013 10:44 AM

It turns out that if disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford wins his runoff, he may have a difficult time defeating his Democrat opponent, the sister of Stephen ColbeRt.  Although Sanford leads the runoff by about a 13-point margin, he trails Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a putative match-up (

This really shouldn't come as s surprise to anyone.  I'm about as Republican as they come -- and if I had a choice between Mark Sanford and a Democrat, I wouldn't vote for the Democrat. But I WOULD stay home.

It's remarkable that a self-professed party of "family values" -- and a party purportedly eager to reach out to women -- would possibly squander an easy House win by nominating a womanizing low-life who both abandoned his official duties and humiliated and betrayed his wife in his hot pursuit of an illicit love.