Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Posted: Feb 15, 2013 7:53 AM

The Daily Caller has clips of a compulsory "cultural sensitivity program" at the USDA, wherein the "instructor," one Samuel Betances (a "diversity instructor" at Souder, Betances and Associates) harangues the attendees, requiring them to repeat phrases and listen to tripe about how the Pilgrims were illegal aliens and how "insiders" in this country are determined to keep out "outsiders."

Upon watching these clips, a couple of things occurred to me:

1. The next time Democrats want to tell you that nothing but military spending can be cut without endangering the welfare of the Republic, remember this.  Betances himself says he is "expensive."

2. Don't ever wonder why there are more and more "low information voters" in our midst.  We've got schools that fail to teach American history, and then people are treated to this kind of stuff once they get into the work force.

3. By his own admission, Betances makes a fat living peddling hokum like this.  It's not just disinterested principle that keeps too many on the left protesting any vision of America as a "color blind" society.  There is a whole army of people like him profiting from a true "diversity industrial complex."

4. Too many on the left are like a bunch of totalitarians.  This talk -- and some of the others I've attended in the past -- reminds me of the compulsory re-education camps in dictatorships.  You better listen and you better mouth the words back . . . if you know what's good for you.

A truly disgusting performance, all the way around.  And you're paying for it!

Via Powerline, here is the whole hot mess: