Shocking: MSNBC Host Claims GOP Support Planned Parenthood's Medical Practices

Posted: Aug 05, 2015 8:15 PM
Shocking: MSNBC Host Claims GOP Support Planned Parenthood's Medical Practices

Tuesday, MSNBC host Irin Carmon asserted that “Republicans support the participating of fetal tissue donation programs.” She wasn't kidding.

In her statements, she is not only defending Planned Parenthood’s illegal murder and selling of human body parts for a profit, but she also seems to think it’s okay to refer to Republicans as supporters of it.

She is very wrong. What Republicans John McCain and Mitch McConnell voted for in 1993 is completely and utterly different than the illegal selling of baby body parts that is occurring right now.

The sale of body parts is illegal, and that’s what’s going on here. The vote she’s talking about deals with donations, not for-profit sales. No one with a conscience, left or right, would vote in favor of something as disgusting as the sale of organs from dead unborn babies.

This is not a “bipartisan issue.” To clarify, this is a one-sided issue and if any pro-life advocate were to claim they supported such a cause that would be a complete disgrace.

Republican supporters of the bill recognized the difference between opposition to abortion rights and opposition to research using fetal tissue. Sen. John McCain reportedly wrote, “My abhorrence for the practice of abortion is unquestionable. Yet my abhorrence” for Parkinson’s and juvenile diabetes “and the suffering they cause is just as strong.”

It was utterly irrelevant for her to bring up this point and to make matters clear, recently McCain scolded Democrats for supporting this practice.

"If they want to stand before the American people and say that they support this practice of dismembering unborn children, then that's their privilege," said McCain.

He also goes on to say:

"I don't like a government shutdown," said Republican John McCain of Arizona. "But this is a clear case of totally improper use of taxpayers' dollars. I have an obligation to the taxpayers of Arizona."

Clearly, in no way does McCain’s statement coincide with the supporting of Planned Parenthood’s “dismembering unborn children,” and Carmon has no right to align Republicans with such a debauchery of human life.