Fmr. Planned Parenthood Director: Biz Is Making $100 to $200 Off Each Fetal Body Part

Posted: Jul 29, 2015 6:00 PM
Fmr. Planned Parenthood Director: Biz Is Making $100 to $200 Off Each Fetal Body Part

Working at Planned Parenthood for eight years was more than enough for Abby Johnson, who once served as a director of the Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, to drastically change her views on abortion. She has since left the organization and become one of the most well-known and outspoken anti-abortion activists in America.

Johnson told The Christian Post that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s top abortion provider, sometimes charges between $100 to $200 a day for each fetal body part.

"Shipping only costs a clinic $4 to $10 but they are sometimes charging $100 to $200 for each baby," Johnson told The Christian Post when asked if there's a profit to be made from the harvesting of aborted baby parts. "They are charging additional fees, but in reality there are no additional fees except for minimal shipping costs," Johnson asserted. "There is definitely money to be made and that's an issue with the current law." Speaking about the legality of the practice, Johnson explained, "If there's a loophole, Planned Parenthood will blow through it."

The recent videos showing Planned Parenthood doctors negotiating fetal organ sales has caused a great stir for pro-life activists. If the selling of fetal organs is not enough to open some eyes, then this new revelation about fetal prices is enough to show Planned Parenthood only cares about revenue and not at all about the lives of women.

For Johnson, she knew she couldn’t stand the murder, and immoral sales negotiations anymore.

“The defining moment for me leaving was assisting and witnessing a live ultrasound abortion procedure and seeing a 13-week old child struggle for his life inside his mother’s womb,” Johnson recalled. “It was really shocking for me to witness that mainly because I had been told by Planned Parenthood that the fetus didn’t have any sensory development until [later].” The pro-life advocate claims she was “in a state of shock” and that she instantaneously felt betrayed. At the same time, she remembers feeling like a liar, as she, too, had told thousands of women that fetuses wouldn’t feel pain or struggle.

As Johnson understood this truth, she left and made her mission to find a solution for women.

“I looked at myself and said, ‘I’m part of the problem’ — and I had been a part of the problem for eight years,” she said.