Did Ahmedinejad Change His Mind About Eliminating Israel?

Posted: Feb 06, 2013 10:50 AM
In an interview published today in Al-Ahram, a state-run Egyptian newspaper, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran is already a nuclear state but has no interest in attacking Israel because the weapons are “defensive.” On the second day of his trip to Egypt, Ahmadinejad warned against an Israeli preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, saying such a strike would result in severe consequences for the “Zionists.” Ahmadinejad continued on to say that “from now on the world should treat Iran as a nuclear state” and addressed Iran’s latest technological advancements:
“They want Iran to go back to what it was in the past, but they won’t succeed. They assume we’ll give in to pressure; such thoughts are misguided. We’re already an industrial and nuclear country, a country that has conquered space. For years we have been thinking about sending a human being into space, and we will do that, with Allah’s help. We must ensure development and growth and bring them to pass, and the world must acknowledge our progress.”
Such nuclear “progress” is terrifying when we consider Ahmadinejad’s past comments regarding Israel’s existence. The Iranian President has described Israel as a “cancerous tumor” that must be eliminated. It’s hard to believe that Ahmadinejad could simply change his mind about destroying the Jewish state after speaking such hateful words.