Coulter Says Trump Shouldn't Fall For ‘Child Actors’ at Southern Border

Posted: Jun 19, 2018 11:15 AM

During a panel discussion Sunday on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, commentator Ann Coulter said President Trump should not believe the media hype about immigrant children at the border who are allegedly being taken from their parents.

“I would also say one other thing, these child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now — do not fall for it, Mr. President.”

Coulter referred to a 2011 article in The New Yorker that she says describes children being “coached” by liberals on how to act. 

“A New Yorker article, The New Yorker is not a conservative publication, they describe how these kids, these kids are being coached. They’re given scripts to read by liberals, according to The New Yorker.” 

Coulter also commented on the potential danger that traveling across the souther border poses to illegal immigrants wanting to enter the United States. 

“As long as you incentivize people to come here from south of the border, they’re going to keep dying, crossing through the desert. As long as you keep that magnet on, and what greater magnet than citizenship, Medicare, Medicaid, free healthcare. Yeah, that’s why people voted for a wall.”

However, during an interview Monday, Chief Manuel Padilla of the Rio Grande Valley Sector of Customs and Border Protection said he believes that something must be done to remedy the recent immigration crisis. 

“We created this situation by not doing anything,” he said. 

“I’m going to give you an example: Because we were releasing family units, May 2, just last month, we had a full-blown MS-13 (gang member) accompanied by his one-year-old child. He thought he was going to get released into the community; that was not the case.”

Padilla called a report of a mother allegedly having her child torn away from her when they arrived at the border “misinformation.”

“There’s a story about removing a child from a breast-feeding mother — absolutely not true. Every family member gets a sheet with information to keep track of their child, to get information where that child is and they’re all reunited at the end.”

On his show Monday, radio host Rush Limbaugh called recent the events “a manufactured crisis,” and that it is not about the children but a political battle between Democrats and Republicans. 

“This is not about kids. It’s not about that. They are just the latest fill in the blank objective — and the Republicans better get in the game on this and not leave Trump isolated because Trump knows what’s going on,” Limbaugh said. 

“Trump knows what the effort really is here. Migrant camps create them. Refugee camps create them. Eventually, bring in the families and let them all have amnesty.”

During a panel discussion on Face the Nation Monday, Ben Domenech of The Federalist cited the violent activity of Mexican cartels as the reason for the surge in illegal border crossings. 

“And the answer to that is the activity of the Mexican cartels, who use these migrants as essentially a distraction to clog systems so they are able to funnel drugs across the border.”

“Mexico’s political, violent situation is something that is not going to be solved when it comes to driving these types of migrations. And that’s going to require things that I’m not sure the Congress is really willing to grasp — the kind of support and diplomacy and activity to prevent our southern neighbor from becoming a failed state,” Domenech concluded.