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David Harsanyi| February 07, 2013|
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Ben Shapiro| February 06, 2013|
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Brent Bozell| February 06, 2013|
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Terry Jeffrey| February 06, 2013|
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Brandon Gaylord| January 15, 2013|
It's the Middle Class, Stupid
Maggie Gallagher| November 15, 2012|
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Paul Greenberg| November 15, 2012|
Republicans Got the Shellacking We Deserve
Crystal Wright| November 09, 2012|
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Guy Benson| November 01, 2012|
Should We Be Concerned About the Polls?
New York, NY| September 27, 2012|
SuperPACs Open Up Their Wallets
Kevin Glass| September 15, 2012|
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America| August 08, 2012|
Karl Rove's Early Electoral Map: OBAMA WINS
Townhall.com Staff| April 27, 2012|
Mr. Right Eludes the GOP
Jonah Goldberg| February 22, 2012|
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