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The excuses are becoming quite tedious. New guy, same dialogue.
In 2009 I had my local Congressman submit 5 complaints to the Veteran's committee in the House. They forwarded it to the Veteran's administration who then forwarded it to the local clinic I specified and they tabled it. None of those who passed it along followed it up to see what solutions occurred.
Subtitle should have been; "How to be a sleaze".
There is a padded cell waiting at MSNBC. They call them studios, but we all know what they really are.
How about that, he fired himself.
In Ohio, I had to jump back and forth between the 2 districts to try and get reasonable service. What I got was 2 almost opposing diagnosis to my health problems.
Are people really still taking this avowed liar seriously?
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Don’t Regulate Me Bro!

carterthewriter Wrote: May 19, 2014 12:14 PM
Make a frivolous rule, then hide. Well, Obama has accumulated too many to avoid criticism. This Vet one can't be ignored even by the Liberal press.
Some kids never learn the true fact about their tenure at a college for they've become unemployable due an indoctrinated attitude of superiority.
Since the Obama administration has take control of things, the use of the new tax they call co-pay has escalated and the VA now uses it to generate extra cash by issuing monthly doses of drugs rather than quarterly doses. They're good at promoting scams.
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