War for the White House

War for the White House is a twice a week podcast that gives you in-depth analysis of the 2020 Election that the left-wing media doesn't want you to hear. Hosted by a rotating cast of your favorite conservative writers across the Townhall Media family, which includes Townhall, RedState, PJ Media, Twitchy, HotAir, and Bearing Arms.

#23: The Final Battle
#22: Election Day Is Just Around the Corner
#21: One Week Until Election Day 2020
#20: Final Presidential Debate Recap and More Peace in the Middle East
#19: America Is Just Two Weeks Away from Election Day
#18: President Trump and Joe Biden Duke It Out in Dueling Town Halls
#17: The Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Begin
#16: Do Americans Believe They're Better Off Than They Were Four Years Ago?
#15: President Trump Leaves Walter Reed, VP Debate Preview
#14: The President and First Lady Have the Coronavirus
#13: The First Presidential Debate Is On
#12: Unrest Engulfs Louisville, Fact-Checking Biden's 2A Views, Previewing Trump's SCOTUS Pick
#11: War for the Supreme Court
#10: The Media's Unholy Alliance with Joe Biden
#9: Kamala Harris Says the Quiet Part Out Loud