Crossing a Rubicon: Federal Charges Against the Nation’s 45th President

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Townhall Review
June 16, 2023

This week on Townhall Review – June 17, 2023

Hugh Hewitt and Mollie Hemingway, Editor in Chief of “The Federalist” discuss the timing and challenges of a potential trial for Donald Trump, expressing concerns about the politicization of the Department of Justice and the need for media coverage to address the context and erosion of trust in the justice system.

Charlie Kirk and Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo discussed the indictment of former President Trump, expressing concerns about its potential impact on the country and the rule of law.

Hugh Hewitt asks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about his promise to reconstitute the government, to which DeSantis responds by emphasizing the need to address the unaccountable administrative state, reduce its power, assert Article 2 authority, and refocus federal law enforcement.

Sebastian Gorka asks historian Victor Davis Hanson about his concerns about lost moral credibility, the hobbled opposition leader, erosion of faith in the rule of law, and dangerous precedents set by indicting an ex-president. They discuss the potential long-term damage to America's reputation and the need for strategic action without resorting to illegal tactics.

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