Obama: Iranian Hardliners Are Making Common Cause with the Republican Caucus

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Townhall Review
August 7, 2015
Michael Medved talks with Alan Dershowitz, author of "The Case Against the Iran Deal." Bill Bennett turns to Weekly Standard columnist and Fox contributor Stephen Hayes for analysis on the Iran nuke deal. Casey Mattox, Sr. Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, speaks with Bill Bennett about Planned Parenthood's grisly practices. Carly Fiorina tells Hugh Hewitt that she would shut down the government to end funding of Planned Parenthood. Professor Owen Strachan shares thought from his book, "The Colson Way." The former president of Greenpeace left the organization because it became to radicalized, focusing on saving the earth rather than bringing peace to humans. He talks to Dennis Prager. Prager wraps up the discussing the EPA.

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