The Left's Latest PC Attempt: Eliminate the Phrase BE A MAN 4-4-14

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Townhall Review
September 16, 2014
Mike Gallagher spoke with Florida Senator Marco Rubio about Obama's declaration that 7.1M people signed-up for Obamacare. Bill Bennett examined the numbers—that magical 7.1 million figure—with Avik Roy, opinion editor for Forbes. Michael Medved called upon distinguished columnist and author George Will to see what the President’s declining ratings might mean for America’s future. The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol discussed the "war-weary" America with Bill Bennett. Dennis Prager on the Left's latest PC attempt: eliminate the phrase "be a man." AEI's Charles Murray on with Bill Bennett calls-out the notion that tattoos are chic and we have been “set free” from many other cultural taboos. Dennis Prager destroys the latest "report" from NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams where Williams talks climate change.

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