Steve Sheldon

Steve Sheldon
Donald Trump, the Wrecking Ball President
By Steve Sheldon
Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator; Truman, "Give 'Em Hell Harry;" Abe Lincoln, the Great Emancipator or Honest Abe; Madison, ...
February 09, 2019
Abolishing ICE Just Might be the Dumbest Democrat Idea Yet
By Steve Sheldon
On July 12, U.S. Representatives Mark Pocan (WI-02), Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) and Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) introduced the "Establishing a Humane ...
July 28, 2018
The Effects of the Republican Tax Plan Summed Up in One Amazing Graph
By Steve Sheldon
Something really big happened last week that no one in the mainstream media wants to report. Economically, it was as ...
June 27, 2018
15 Clues Your Father Might Be a Snowflake (With Gift Suggestions)
By Steve Sheldon
With Father's Day quickly approaching, you may find yourself at a loss as to what to buy dear old dad. ...
June 17, 2018
President Trump Disinvites Eagles to White House. So What?
By Steve Sheldon
President Donald Trump doubled down and dug in against the NFL this week. In an ongoing battle over standing for ...
June 06, 2018
If Students Walked Out to Protest Abortion, They Could Have Gotten Out of School for a Year
By Steve Sheldon
Kids these days. I never thought I would ever be "that guy" who complains about how dumb and lazy today's ...
March 15, 2018
The $24,000 Solution to Mass Shootings at Schools
By Steve Sheldon
First, let's establish one absolute truth among all the hysteria that exists in the aftermath of a school shooting: there ...
February 26, 2018
The NFL Still Doesn't Get It
February 04, 2018 |
Tax Cuts for 'the Rich' Now Include Walmart and Waste Management Wage-Earners
By Steve Sheldon
If the Trump tax cuts are nothing more than "tax cuts for the rich," then one of two things must ...
January 16, 2018
Suppression of Good News Is the Media's Dirtiest Tactic. Here's What They Missed Last Year.
By Steve Sheldon
Here are headlines you won't read in almost any major American newspaper, hear on any of the evening news programs, ...
January 02, 2018
As Dow Sets Another Record High, Leftists Continue to Repeat the Same Old Tired Lies
By Steve Sheldon
"Tax cuts for the Rich!" "The rich are getting richer!" "Over 50% of Americans are not enjoying stock market gains!" ...
December 30, 2017