Texas Man Gets Back at the Grinch Who Stole His Christmas Decorations in the Most EPIC Way
Erika Haas  | December 26, 2017

The Grinch made a pitstop in San Antonio, Texas, this week, but he didn’t get away completely unscathed. 

Ken Lamkin woke up Christmas Eve morning to find someone has stolen some Christmas decorations from his front lawn. Thankfully, he got the “Grinch” on camera snatching up his fog machine and eight inflatable reindeer at 3 a.m. The whole thing only took about five minutes.

"He was so slow and methodical, that's what reminded us of the story of the Grinch," Lamkin tells KENS 5 Eyewitness News.

Now, most people would simply turn over the footage to the police and let them find the thief. But Lamkin had other ideas - and they were pretty epic. 

“We ran over and made some black and white pictures and mounted them on some cardboard, and this is what you have: our new Grinch-themed Christmas," he explains to KENS 5 Eyewitness News. 

Of course, the pictures weren’t enough. Lamkin also set up a projector in his front yard playing the security footage over and over. 

“It doesn't only show that we know who you are, but it is also to show that you can't take our Christmas," he says. "We are going to sit down here and hold hands, and we are going to sing and enjoy Christmas.”

Lamkin had one final message for the Grinch who tried - and failed - to ruin his holiday: "Maybe your heart can grow 10 sizes today-and you can go around and return the stuff you took.”

We doubt that will happen, but maybe the police will be able to track him down and take him away in handcuffs. Now that would be the perfect ending to this Christmas tale.        

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