Gun Rights Activists, Journalists School David Hogg On AR15s And 'Assault Weapons'

Posted: Sep 08, 2018 6:00 AM
Gun Rights Activists, Journalists School David Hogg On AR15s And 'Assault Weapons'

David Hogg was thrown into the national spotlight after the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day. Ever since then, Hogg has become one of the faces of the "March for Our Lives" movement, the gun control group that is predominantly made up of Stoneman Douglas survivors.

Since Hogg has become a household name, he assumes that he knows anything and everything about guns. Hint: He doesn't.

Earlier this week he tweeted out one of the dumbest things he's ever said (and there have been a lot!). According to Hogg, an AR-15 is an "assault weapon" (WRONG!) and is designed to hunt.

Let me guess, does AR also stand for "assault rifle" in your book of gun knowledge?

At least gun rights activists were quick to educate Hogg and his followers.

The Washington Free Beacon's Stephen Gutowski brought up a handful of very important factors to take into account, like how an AR-15 is set up and how they compare to hunting rifles.


You mean...people defend themselves...with something other than a...MUSKET?!

Remember: ARs are definitely one of the most customizable guns on the market, if not the most. There are probably more "Frankenstein" guns out there than one that is 100 percent factor new. That's why gunnies like ARs and that's why they're gaining more popularity. 

Translation: just because an AR-15 is big and scary looking and doesn't look like a "traditional" hunting rifle doesn't mean that it's any more lethal or deadly.

People also use shotguns for home defense, something Hogg would say is for the "hunting" of people. Does that make those firearms more deadly? Nope.

At least someone called Hogg out for spreading misinformation and claiming it to be facts:

It's hard to take someone seriously when they've never seen a gun like the AR-15 in person, let alone shot it. 

Mr. Hogg, before you continue to spread misinformation it would do you some good to study up on basic firearms knowledge. A great start would be a hunters education course. They talk about the difference between handguns, rifles, shotguns and everything in between. I'd be more than willing to pay the $10 for you to take the course. And yes, this is a serious offer!

Or, if you'd like some personal one-on-one experience, there are plenty of hunters and firearms experts who would gladly educate you on what you don't know. All you have to do is ask.