EXCLUSIVE: Firearms Instructor Turned Arkansas State Senate Candidate Offers Free Concealed Carry Training For Teachers
Beth Baumann  |  @eb454  | March 07, 2018

Over the last few weeks, the national conversation has focused on how to better protect our schools and our children, especially after the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. A sheriff in Ohio stepped up to offer free concealed carry classes to any teacher who was interested in receiving training. The classes were an instant hit and quickly filled up.

Now, Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) turned Arkansas State Senate candidate Bob Bailey is offering the same type of training to teachers in his area. The former Navy veteran's motivation, however, is much more personal: his wife spent her career as a teacher. Now, he wants to make sure teachers, like his wife, are able to defend their students against an active shooter, should one arise on their campus.

"My wife taught for 37 years, and I know that this education will give any teacher the knowledge to best defend and protect themselves and their students. It is a privilege to be able to offer this training to those who teach our children," Bailey told Townhall. "As a conceal carry instructor, I felt it was my duty to offer the best possible training to the men and women who teach our children."

Bailey's background and expertise lie in custom building suppressors, short barreled shotguns and rifles, and even machine guns for those who qualify, like police and military personnel. He's also an NRA-certified instructor and lifetime member. 

Classes are scheduled for the second or third week in April, depending on the level of interest received. Those participating should expect to receive several hours of firearms training, including handgun safety and live fire training. 

Class times will vary depending on the type of concealed handgun license (CHL) the teacher wishes to receive. Those who want a normal concealed carry license will be placed in a 6-hour class, while those who want an enhanced CHL will be placed in a 12-hour class. 

Each class will be limited to 25 students.

Teachers who are interested in attending a class are encouraged to contact Bailey directly at signaturefirearms@gmail.com.

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