10 Gag Gifts For Every Conservative On Your Christmas List
Beth Baumann  |  @eb454  | December 16, 2017

Now that President Donald J. Trump has been in office for a little more than a year, the political gag gifts have changed to reflect the shift in power. Tons of shirts, books and even coffee cups reflect Trump's famous motto, "Make America Great Again." Other gifts make fun of liberals and their prized candidate, Hillary Clinton.

With Christmas around right around the corner, it is now time to think about the one person that is always hard to shop for. They generally love politics, and they generally have a sick sense of humor, right? These are 10 of the best gag gifts for the snarky conservative in your life.

10. "I Kissed a Democrat" Chewing Gum - $9.98

Sadly, we have all been there. We've all kissed a Democrat at one point or another. Chalk it up to youth or chalk it up to stupidity. Either way, you're going to want to freshen your breath after taking that plunge.

9. Obama Toilet Paper - $5.99

Then there's that one person who likes to take a trip down memory lane. Give them a blast from the past with a set of Obama toilet paper rolls. 

8. Ronald Reagan Bobblehead - $19.95

Ronald Reagan is awesome. Now he can chill with your buddy on their dashboard or on their desk at work. And it will definitely be a conversation starter.

7. Silly Liberal Shirt - $19.95

What better way to express yourself and your disdain for liberal policies than with this shirt?!

6.The Trump Quote Machine - $29.95

Sneak up behind your friend and play random Donald Trump quotes. This will be sure to make them think they're losing their mind!

And what's better than having batteries included!?

5. Participation Trophy Gun Range Bag Patch - $6.00

Nowadays it is customary to give everyone a participation trophy. We do not want anyone to feel left out. Make sure that sensitive snowflake in your life feels special with this patch that they can wear all year long.

4. Baby Onesie - $18.99

You can't leave out the little guys! What is cuter than this onesie?! 


3. Donald Trump Christmas Sweater - $26.95

Ugly sweater parties are all the rage. What's better than spicing up the office Christmas party than rocking the President on your chest? If nothing else, this gift will be all the talk at the water cooler!

2. Hillary Clinton Nutcracker - $22.75

The Hillary Clinton nutcracker is, by far, my favorite gift possibility. I bought one of these for my dad a couple years ago. When he opened it up he chuckled and shook his head. He was in shock. And trust me, it was not a good kind of shock.

1. Trumpy Bear - $59.99

The Trumpy Bear is the perfect gift for your friend or family member who is the conductor of the Trump Train. Have you seen that toupe?! It is spot on.

Hopefully at least one of these gifts give you and your family and friends a good laugh this holiday. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!  

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