WATCH: Conservative Blogger Destroys Flaws in Snowflakes' Gun Control Arguments

Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:45 PM
 WATCH: Conservative Blogger Destroys Flaws in Snowflakes' Gun Control Arguments

Last Christmas, conservative blogger Matt Walsh posted a video making fun of anti-gunners who hate guns and the Second Amendment. The video is making its way around again and I thought it was important to remind people that gun control advocates' point of views haven't changed. If anything, they've become even more extreme over the last year.

While walking through Toys 'R Us, Walsh stumbled upon a Nerfgun. Here's where his "alter ego" kicks in:

I stumbled across a toy gun...for children. A gun! A gun! Look at what it says: ages six and up. Six year olds playing with toy guns!  

Now you might say, 'It's just a toy. It's not going to hurt anybody.' Well, you only say that because you are a redneck idiot. Me? I went to college. And I majored in gender studies. And I learned about something called 'toxic masculinity.' And toxic masculinity is the idea that, you know, we push automatic weapons – dart laser, scary guns — on young boys and they develop a taste for violence and for guns. And next thing you know, they grow up and become serial killers and rapists.

Sadly, anti-gunners really do see Second Amendment advocates as dumb, white rednecks who are uneducated. They assume that we have no life experience or even know what a schoolhouse is. They attempt to use their education to make us look inferior. They try to tell us that they know what's best for us because they're educated and we're not. 

It reminds me of a saying that was frequently talked about in my political science classes in college (GASP! I know! Shocking! I went to college!). We frequently talked about the "elites" (in this case, the liberals) and the "uneducated masses" (in this case, the conservative gun-toters).

Liberals frequently push this idea that they know what's best for everyone. If you're poor, they know how to make you giving you handouts from the government (AKA us "uneducated" idiots).  

If you have ever done your research, like I have done, you would know that nothing good has ever come from guns. Do you know who uses guns? Little bit of a history lesson for you. You know who uses guns? Nazis! The Beltway Sniper! Uh...the North Korean Army uses guns. I rest my case.

This is one of my favorite arguments from gun control advocates. They want guns to be completely abolished but would they would they want police officers to show up to their house unarmed? Would they want the Military to go to war without guns and hope that holding hands and singing kumbaya would bring world peace?

There are so many flaws in this type of argument. What about the average man or woman who fended off would-be rapists and burglars? We know criminals don't follow the law. What makes these "gun sense" idiots think that a criminal will suddenly decide to follow the law that mandates that they hand over their firearm?

Let me tell you what happens when you have guns. You have toy guns like this and little kids walking down the aisle and he sees this and says to himself, 'Oh, okay. Now I want to do murders.' 

I am so scared. I am so scared for our children...that they're going to grow up in a country...with guns. I'm sorry. 

You say that guns are for self-defense. Sorry. That's a myth. You can go hunting. Uh...hunting is a myth. Good guys with guns kill bad guys with guns. That's a myth because if he has a gun he's automatically a bad guy. That's just science! Anything that disproves what I'm saying is a myth. You learn that in college too. So if you want your kid to be a Nazi, a KKK member or even worse, a Republican, yeah, go out and buy them one of these disgusting guns.

And there you have it, folks. This is the exact mentality the Left has. If you're a gun owner, you're automatically a bad person who wants other people to die. Heaven forbid you want to hunt your own game to feed your family or you want to make sure you're protected when walking alone in the dark. 

Liberals, I know you will never understand why I actively choose to be a gun owner but I'll be damned if I let you take away my Second Amendment rights without any kind of fight.