Bipartisan Effort Launches to Aid Child of Fallen Law Enforcement, Military Members

Posted: Dec 07, 2017 6:40 PM
Bipartisan Effort Launches to Aid Child of Fallen Law Enforcement, Military Members

A nonpartisan organization, known as Healing the Wounds, launched earlier this month. The goal of the organization is to mentor the children of fallen law enforcement and military members.

“Our mission has clearly evolved from mentoring a critical segment of America's youth to empowering them to become successful and responsible citizens. Healing the Wounds will help fill the void which is critical to a child's development. While so much of society is laser-focused on what is wrong, we are taking a positive approach by focusing on the possible - by equipping the teenagers with the skills, attitudes, habits and behaviors that will ensure their success," Jeff M. Epstein, Founder and President, said. "We are projecting our organization as a solutions-based initiative designed to build character, self-confidence and leadership skills with the end goal of helping to cultivate the next generation of responsible, confident and environmentally-conscious citizens."

Healing our Wounds provides children with ongoing mentoring and support. They do this through programs, like their Alaskan adventure that provides children with the opportunity to participate in an Alaskan adventure. During their time in Alaska, kids will have the opportunity to fish, go boating, hiking and even partake in wildlife viewing.

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Three professors from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks are also participating in the organization. One has a background in food chemistry, another has a background in oceanography and the other is a marine biologist.

The group's advisory board includes General Thomas G. McInerney; Lieutenant General (Ret.) William G. Boykin; John Ellis O’Neill; Colonel Ken Cordier, USAF (Ret); David Schippers; Capt. Mykel Hawke Retired U.S. Army Special Forces-Green Berets, recent star of Discovery Channels ‘Man Woman Wild’; Rep. Clay Higgins, (R-LA) and Detroit Chief of Police James Craig.