Report: Las Vegas Gunman Fired More Than 1,100 Rounds During Massacre
Beth Baumann  |  @eb454  | November 22, 2017

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal this evening about the Las Vegas Massacre that took place on October 1.

According to Lombardo, gunman Stephen Paddock fired more than 1,100 rounds during his rampage. The new total includes an additional 200 that were previously unreported. According to the Review-Journal, those rounds were found in the shooter's hotel room and the hallway at Mandalay Bay. It is reported that those rounds were used to wound hotel security guard Jesus Campos.

The total number of rounds fired was previously unreported as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s forensics lab was working in conjunction with the FBI to process ballistics tests.

Paddock had an additional 4,000 rounds of ammo that was found in his hotel room.

It is still unknown how many of Paddick's firearms jammed.

Lombardo says he hopes to release additional information to the public over the next two weeks. 

“I’m frustrated,” Lombardo told the local paper, referencing the conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting.

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