Liberal foes ahead of Poland's ruling euroskeptics in new poll

Reuters News
Posted: Jul 28, 2017 6:47 AM

WARSAW (Reuters) - The two main liberal opposition parties have together overtaken Poland's euroskeptic ruling coalition in popular support, according to a poll taken after a disputed government move to reform the judiciary was vetoed by the president.

The Kantar Public poll, done on Tuesday and released by Rzeczpospolita daily, put the opposition Civic Platform (PO) and Nowoczesna on a combined 35 percent, and the three-party ruling coalition led by the Law and Justice Party (PiS) on 32 percent.

Analysts say many Poles want the opposition parties to unite to stand a chance of winning the next general election, scheduled for 2019. To do so, main opposition parties must present a joint list of candidates to parliament.

There has been talk of early elections since President Andrzej Duda, earlier a close PiS ally, vetoed two of three flagship judiciary reforms that triggered mass protests and European Union warnings of legal action over concerns the move will undermine Polish democracy.

The anti-establishment party Kukiz'15, which backed Duda's veto, drew 13 percent support in the Kantar poll.

A PiS-led coalition of nationalist-minded parties won the 2015 parliamentary election with 37.6 percent of the vote.

(Reporting by Marcin Goclowski; Editing by Mark Heinrich)