Syrian refugee in Germany won't pursue case against Facebook

AP News
Posted: Mar 27, 2017 5:45 AM

BERLIN (AP) — A Syrian refugee in Germany won't pursue further legal action against Facebook after a court rejected his call for an injunction forcing the company to seek and delete posts falsely linking him to crimes committed by migrants.

The office of lawyer Chan-jo Jun, who represented Anas Modamani, quoted Modamani on Monday as saying he wants to concentrate on German language exams. He added that the legal proceedings were "dangerous for my families in Syria and in Germany."

Modamani was one of several asylum-seekers who took a selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel during the refugee crisis in 2015. These started appearing in Facebook posts following high-profile crimes in Germany where migrants were identified as the perpetrators.

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A court refused this month to issue an injunction. Modamani could have appealed.