Timeline of Munich shooting at a shopping mall

AP News
Posted: Jul 23, 2016 10:35 AM
Timeline of Munich shooting at a shopping mall

MUNICH (AP) — Here is a timeline of the shooting at a shopping mall in Munich where a gunman, identified as an 18-year-old German-Iranian, killed nine people, most of them teenagers, on Friday evening (all times local).

—5:52 p.m. Friday: Police receive first report of shooting at the Olympia Shopping Center in the northern Munich neighborhood of Moosach. The first shots were reported at a McDonald's restaurant opposite the mall. Police sirens could be heard throughout the city.

—6:33 p.m. Police confirm that a shooting has broken out in the Olympia Shopping Center.

—6:43 p.m. First word from Munich police of "several dead and wounded" at the shooting.

—7:05 p.m. Munich police in a Twitter post warn residents and visitors to stay off the streets in the city.

—7:13 p.m. Munich police in a Twitter post say the shooting scene remains confused and say there are multiple people wounded.

—7:20 p.m. Munich police say it's not clear whether there are one or more shooters.

—7:42 p.m. Subway in Munich's city center is shut down.

—7:47 p.m. Police warn residents and visitors in German and English that the shooter's whereabouts is unknown and tell them to avoid public places.

—8:01 p.m. Munich halts all local transport, including trams, subway system, buses and local trains.

—8:10 p.m. Munich's main train station is evacuated.

—8:11 p.m. Police write on Facebook that "witnesses report three different people with guns." Still no confirmation on injured and dead.

—8:42 p.m. Police declare Munich the scene of a suspected terror attack.

—8:44 p.m. Munich police say three shooters with rifles were being sought, based on witness information.

—9:21 p.m. Munich police spokesman says at least five people killed.

9:23 p.m. Munich police on Twitter put the number of dead at six, number of wounded unclear.

—10:27 p.m. Police say at least eight people killed in the attack.

—10:38 p.m. A body wearing a backpack is found near the Olympia Shopping Center; police investigate whether it is that of the shooter.

—12:21 a.m. Saturday: Police say at least 10 people killed in mall shooting, including attacker.

—1:25 a.m. Munich resumes public transport.

—1:30 a.m. Munich police say the shooter acted alone and has killed himself.

—2:24 a.m. Police identify the shooter as an 18-year-old German-Iranian.

—11:56 a.m. Police chief tells reporters there is no evidence the Munich attack is linked to the Islamic State group and it had "'absolutely no" connection to refugees.