Canadians who visit Zika spots told to hold off pregnancy

AP News
Posted: Mar 02, 2016 5:49 PM

TORONTO (AP) — Canada is advising women who want to get pregnant to wait at least two months after visiting countries where the Zika virus is circulating — or could be circulating — before trying to conceive.

The mosquito-borne virus has been potentially linked in Brazil to thousands of cases of newborns with abnormally small heads. It's believed mothers may have been infected during pregnancy.

A number Canadians and Americans who travelled to the endemic areas have been diagnosed with Zika after returning home. And in a small number of cases, infected males have sexually transmitted the virus to their female partners.

Canada's Public Health Agency said Wednesday men who have travelled to Zika hotspots should use condoms with any partner who is or could become pregnant, for two months after their return.