Governor of Yemen's Aden survives car bomb that kills 2

AP News
Posted: Jan 05, 2016 12:14 PM
Governor of Yemen's Aden survives car bomb that kills 2

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — The governor of Yemen's southern port city of Aden survived a car bomb attack on Tuesday that killed two bodyguards and critically wounded three others, Yemeni officials said.

The assassination attempt on Gov. Aidarous al-Zubaidi comes a month after his predecessor was killed in a bombing claimed by a local Islamic State affiliate.

Al-Zubaidi has been cracking down on extremist groups, which have exploited the chaos of Yemen's civil war. Last week, government forces retook the strategic Red Sea port from several militias.

The officials said the blast was heard throughout Aden. They spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

Yemen's larger conflict pits a loose array forces fighting on the side of the internationally recognized government against Shiite Houthi rebels and troops loyal to a former president, who together control the capital, Sanaa, and large parts of northern Yemen.

A Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out airstrikes and fighting alongside government forces.

Pro-government forces drove the Houthis out of Aden in July last year, which was seen as a major morale boost for anti-Houthi forces.

The government has returned to Aden from Saudi Arabia, but has been struggling to control the city as al-Qaida and other militant groups have moved in.

Before al-Zubaidi's predecessor was killed last month, he had survived another apparent assassination attempt in August.