The Latest: Hundreds gather for vigil at Swedish school

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Posted: Oct 23, 2015 5:41 PM
The Latest: Hundreds gather for vigil at Swedish school

TROLLHATTAN, Sweden (AP) — The latest about the stabbing attack at a school in southern Sweden that police say was motivated by racism. All times local:

11:20 p.m.

Hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight vigil in the schoolyard of the Kronan school where a day earlier a masked man with a sword and knife attacked students and teachers, killing two and seriously wounding two others.

Shivering in the evening wind, Nour Shilbaya, an 18-year-old former student at the school, said the attack semeed like a bad dream.

"I've been living here my whole life. It feels so hard to see all of this happening because it feels like a movie," she said. "You can't imagine that it is real. Until now I feel like it is a dream. I want to wake up."

Handwritten signs in Swedish, Arabic and Persian son windows and doors urged people to respect those who visited to pay their respects throughout the day.


3:25 p.m.

Police in the Swedish city Goteborg have raided a tram carriage after passengers alerted them about a man in military fatigues and a gasmask who was carrying "something that looked like a firearm."

The raid Friday came a day after a masked, sword-wielding attacker stabbed two people to death at a school in nearby Trollhattan before being shot and killed by police.

Police said in a statement the man on the tram was heading to a Halloween party at a school with several air guns. He was detained on suspicion of assault and for violating Sweden's weapons law.

Police urged citizens to "think of what signals they send" after Thursday's stabbing in Trollhattan.


2:20 p.m.

Quiet crowds of mourners have gathered in front of the school in southern Sweden where a sword-yielding man killed two people Thursday before being shot dead by police.

Police have cordoned off the area and the school is closed. Police experts in white forensic outfits can be seen inside the building in the town of Trollhattan.

Social worker Linda Lissenen, 35, laid down flowers to honor the victims on Friday, saying she hadn't slept all night.

Anki Sandberg, a city employee, said "it's a very sad sad day, in Trollhatan, in Sweden, and for the whole world."

She says "the most important thing to focus on is that we should stand together on this day."

Police say they believe the attack was a hate crime and that the attacker was motivated by racism.


12:20 p.m.

Police say the man who stabbed two people to death at a school in southern Sweden before being shot and killed by police had planned the attack.

Investigator Thord Haraldsson said Friday police have "found evidence that the incident was planned" and that the 21-year-old masked man had acted alone.

He said police had also found "a kind of suicide note" left behind by the attacker in his apartment.

The man, who has not been identified by police, entered the school in southern Sweden Thursday and stabbed four people, two of whom died, before he was shot by police.