AP PHOTOS: By rail, by bus, on foot, refugees keep coming

AP News
Posted: Sep 11, 2015 12:15 PM
AP PHOTOS: By rail, by bus, on foot, refugees keep coming

ROSZKE, Hungary (AP) — The lucky ones have made it to where they want to be if they can't be at home. For many, that is Germany.

But behind them, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and others are still making their way slowly across Europe, seeking shelter where they can, taking a bus or a train where one is available, walking where it isn't. The latest string of walkers made their way Friday from the Hungarian border across Austria toward the capital, Vienna.

Those still in Hungary face even more problems. Human Rights Watch released a video from inside a holding facility at the border town of Roszke. Metal fences surrounded clusters of tents and divided migrants into groups. Border guards were shown throwing food into the air for desperate migrants to grab.

Germany's foreign minister declared the migration crisis to be "probably the biggest challenge for the European Union in its history." His words didn't move his counterparts from central European countries, who continue to insist they won't agree to take in thousands of the asylum-seekers arriving in Greece, Italy and Hungary.

And still, by boats or on foot, desperate people continue to arrive in Europe.