How the EU plans to share 120,000 more refugees

AP News
Posted: Sep 09, 2015 11:58 AM

BRUSSELS (AP) — The President of the European Union's executive on Wednesday called for the emergency relocation of 120,000 people in need of international protection who have entered the EU through Italy, Greece and Hungary to 22 of the EU's 28 nations. Britain, Denmark and Ireland are not legally obliged to take part, but may choose to; Italy, Greece and Hungary are excluded because of the numbers of migrants already in those countries.

The refugee-sharing plan is similar to a scheme announced in April to relocate 40,000 refugees from Italy and Greece. That proposal was never fully accepted. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Wednesday that 500,000 migrants are believed to have arrived so far this year.

Here is what the spread of the 160,000 refugees among EU countries would be should they agree by a large majority to accept the new plan:

Austria 4,853

Belgium 5,928

Bulgaria 2,172

Croatia 1,811

Cyprus 447

Czech Republic 4,306

Estonia 1,111

Finland 3,190

France 30,783

Germany 40,206

Latvia 1,043

Lithuania 1,283

Luxembourg 808

Malta 425

Netherlands 9,261

Poland 11,946

Portugal 4,775

Romania 6,351

Slovakia 2,287

Slovenia 1,126

Spain 19,219

Sweden 5,838


Greece and Italy have taken in by far the most migrants and refugees from outside the EU via the Mediterranean this year.

Here's a look at the top five countries of origin of the migrants who arrived in those two EU countries this year through Sept. 1, according to the International Office of Migration:


Origins of those arriving in Greece (who arrive via Turkey, almost entirely by boat by way of six Greek islands near the Turkish coast)

—Syria: 88,204

—Afghanistan: 32,414

—Albania: 9,713

—Pakistan: 9,445

—Iraq: 5,421


Origins of those arriving in Italy (many across the Mediterranean from Libya, which has been unstable and lawless in many areas in recent years.)

—Eritrea: 25,657

—Nigeria: 11,899

—Somalia: 7,538

—Sudan: 5,658

—Syria: 5,495